Coralette keeps an erratic assortment of blogs including:

Daily Contact
Stay up to date with work in progress and upcoming events posted daily via The
Crafty Hag
Facebook page.  

The Crafty Hag's Art Blog
Occasional posts offering insights into what the life of an artist is like, thoughts
on the creative process, and other various ramblings.

Another visual addiction... The Crafty Hag on Tumblr has a variety of posts
showcasing images in progress and the inspiration behind the work.

Welcome to modern can now easily see images of art and stuff I'm
up to on ye olde instagram...

Pink Giraffe Adventure
See the world the "Pink Giraffe" way.  The pink giraffe is here to help you find
the fun in the mundane, the adventure of every day life.  Check in on Pink
Giraffe to see where he is today!

Dread Lippencott's Menagerie: A Mail Art Port of Call
Dread Lippencott sails the universal seas in search of creative creatures and
concepts.  This mail art blog posts all received cosmic discoveries.  Mail art is a
fun past time that shares creativity with strangers.