Coralette Damme earned her BFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and
    currently resides in Saint Petersburg, FL.  She is primarily known for her block
    printing, but also has a recognizable style of painting. Most of her hand printed
    images are one of a kind singular works, as she brings a more contemporary
    approach to traditional methods of printmaking and is less concerned with
    running large repetitive editions.  Coralette finds inspiration in the natural
    world, folk legends, and holiday traditions.

    "I hope my art will remind myself and the viewer of things we may have
    forgotten to enjoy: our roots, our connection to nature, curiosity, intuition, and
    the mysteries of the unknown.  It is easy to forget that we are creative from
    birth and stifle the impulse to play.  I hope with my art to stir some of these
    hidden inclinations back to life." -- Coralette Damme

"Making magical art by blending printmaking with curiosity."