Coralette Damme is an avid nature lover which informs much of her artwork.
    She finds inspiration in the comfort of family traditions and the mystery of
    cultural legends. Coralette is adept at a range of creative media including
    printmaking for which she is best known. She has an equally strong love of
    painting, ceramics, and stained glass. Her work has a recognizable style of bold
    contrasts mixed with expressive marks and symbols. She earned a BFA from the
    University of Nebraska and her work is held in collections across the US and in
    Europe. She has enjoyed opportunities to work with many local arts
    organizations to create temporary immersive installations as well as permanent
    public artworks.

    "I make art to express that which is felt but unseen and to engage with our roots,
    our connection to nature, mystery, and the unknown.  It is easy to forget that we
    are creative from birth and stifle the impulse to play.  I hope with my art to stir
    some of those hidden inclinations back to life." -- Coralette Damme

"Making magical art by blending printmaking with curiosity."